Starting a New Year

How does your business look in 2022?

The new year welcomes many new opportunities, trends, and ways to communicate and cater to your client base. But what will it bring for your business, we speculate things to consider...

Although 2021 was arguably a mixed bag for British businesses, 2022 presents multiple opportunities to reshape your business and the ways you generate income. We look at three ways to do this;

New Products

It may seem a very obvious and expensive idea, but there is never a bad time to diversify your offering, look for ways in which you can better cater to your clients. Are there gaps in your service that you can fill by expanding what you do? Vital for business growth and survival, is the constant investment in alternative investment streams, for a good example, one need only look to Amazon, Apple, or almost any successful household brand. Maybe this is not a new product for your business, but an app, a way to deliver what you do to a wider audience with greater ease. Apps can often represent a great investment for growing businesses.

New Trends

On social media yet? Now is the time to be, no matter the age of your consumer, there isn't a popular culture trend that is not born from social media platforms first. This allows you a great insight into not only the direction your business should be moving but how your clients interact with you and others in your industry. The value you can ascertain from these platforms should never be underestimated.

Dotfive offers Marketing services to help get your business on TikTok, Facebook. LinkedIn and Twitter and understand how to get the absolute most from them.

Reimagining you

How is your business looking? We mean actually looking? Maybe your branding is not working hard enough for you. While it is vital you remain recognisable, few get their branding right the first time, and find a design consultation like the ones offered by Dotfive, hugely powerful in improving their business. Whether it's small tweaks or a complete rebranding, you can find design unlocks huge potential for your business. With many consumers making purchasing choices based on a business's appearance, small things like; the font, or the imagery, the characters used, or even the colour schemes can be make or break.

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