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Streamlining access to educational resources


Value, Flow, Quality (VFQ) is an online work-based education system that provides access to distant learning courses in technological methodologies, such as Agile, Scrum, and Kanban.

Providing the world's first work-based education programme in Agile-Lean practices, VFQ enables users to select from a wide range of courses to meet their educational requirements.

Streamlining access to educational resources


VFQ enables users to select from a wide range of courses to meet their educational requirements. Once a course is chosen and purchased, users can gain access to a variety of online resources specifically designed to aid their progress.

VFQ's aim was to streamline the online learning process and make access as intuitive as possible, while gamifying the way users tracked their progress on courses. VFQ administrators also needed to create new content to meet growing demands.

Through informed analysis and expert development, we delivered a solution with flexible permissions and intuitive content creation.


We carefully considered each aspect of the user experience while simultaneously assessing the actions VFQ's administrators would need to perform in order to provide users with an optimal experience, while maintaining best practices for workflows in the back-end of the website.

Once a user had selected a course, the next step was purchasing that course. We improved this process by reducing repetitive inputs and fixing issues that had led to frustration and abandonment. We created a more intuitive system, enabling users to create and manage their own account details.

Administrators were given the ability to facilitate and manage user access, along with tools for the creation of new content and the setting of appropriate permissions so that user experiences were tailored to the courses they had selected.

Overall, we improved the user experience on many fronts: from course selection, to payments, through to completing the course and leaving feedback.

We also thoroughly improved administration functions with a focus on creating and managing content across the board, providing new tools and full integration.

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