Case study - APC


Replacing paper systems with time-saving technology


APC is a building energy management consultancy specialising in lighting, HVAC and metering systems. They help their customers save money and increase energy efficiency, recording data using paper journals and filing systems.

As their business grew, they began to investigate new ways of saving time and increasing their own efficiencies. They identified that the completion of daily paper journals was time-consuming for their engineers and administration staff, and concluded that there had to be better way to record their data.

Automating and simplifying everyday tasks so that you can concentrate on high value work


Having their own API and a visual language in place, they needed a robust framework that could handle the complexity of data they were dealing with daily, while creating a digital solution that was intuitive, user-friendly and time-efficient.

The APC engineers are required to submit a wide range of complex and different data on a daily basis, therefore usability, system stability and data accuracy are crucial factors in system performance. Enhanced reporting and new functions had also been requested for APCs administrators.

Due to the number of field based system users, it was recognised that time and money could be saved by delivering a very intuitive system that required little or no training.

We saved the business time on tasks that would have otherwise required up to five additional employees.


"A system so intuitive that user training was not needed"

The digital portal we created enabled APC to stop using paper journals to record their data completely. This made the submission, administration and reporting significantly more efficient, and saved the business a huge amount of time and money.

We used our own SOAPI to create portal functionality that exactly matched the business requirements. The solution was so well tailored to the current business processes and the interface so engaging that no training was required, as engineers and administrators found the portal entirely intuitive.

The portal proved such a success that other areas of the business began to adopt it to streamline their processes and improve efficiencies. Including Accounts generating payslips and Project Managers using it to track the progress and status of tasks. All of these additional benefits are made possible because our Business Analysts have enough time to work alongside our elite Developers.

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